DJ Career

Is Being a DJ a Good Career? My Honest Answer

When I attended my first music festival in 2011, I saw Skrillex perform live. I remember the rush of hearing the bass drop and the entire crowd going insane. There…

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social media for Djs

The Best DJ Social Media Strategies of 2019

When I began my DJ career, I quickly realized that one of the largest parts of my job was promoting myself. In this day and age, social media is a…

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Thinking of DJ Name

DJ Name: 18 Tips For Choosing the Perfect One

When I first started getting into DJing, one of the biggest questions I had was: “what should be my DJ name?” I spent countless hours trying to pick the perfect…

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Cruise Ship

How to Become a DJ for a Cruise Ship

Imagine getting to travel the world, meet new and interesting people, and DJ for hundreds of guests every night? Being a DJ on a cruise ship is a once in…

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DJ Gig at Festival

DJs: How I Landed My First Festival Gig

After I did my first few DJ gigs, it gave me a lot of confidence and made me feel like I was ready to handle bigger shows. After attending Austin…

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